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28-Aug-2017 13:37

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Her personality is great on stage and I enjoyed every single moment of it even during the awkward moments.

I’ve got two babies coming right now,” Jordan Peele jokes with ET.

It can be tough to find new stand-up comics worth your time and attention.

Still, that's no excuse to have your go-to female comic list begin and end with Amy Schumer.

“Eddie Murphy is talking about the difference between how a white family and a black family would react in a haunted house.

And the white family stays and the black family hears, ‘Get out!

“What's most interesting about that issue is, when it came out in the press, how many black men said, ‘It happened to me.

It happened to me and we don't talk about it.’” Explaining the resonance of , Kaluuya adds: “This film deals with how much black men and women internalize what's happened with them and don't share it.

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The film is a meditation on race and racism, born in the days following the election of President Barack Obama -- a time that Peele calls a “post-racial lie.”“There was this sentiment, like, ‘Alright we’re done. Let’s not talk about it anymore.’ And that’s kind of where the original ‘Obama Anger Translator’ sketch came from -- this feeling like, ‘Well, if he ain’t going to say it, somebody needs to say it,’” Peele explains.

“I will never actually know what it's like to live in another body, but I spend a lot of my time trying to understand at least the experience that other people have. You just have to acknowledge it.”Peele, who is biracial (his mother is white and his father is black), is in an interracial relationship.

He and Peretti married in 2016 after three years of dating.

Stand-up is still dominated by men, but you could be part of the wave of fans that take these female comics to the next level of fame.

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Her material are well delivered and the connection between the jokes are great unlike most comedians who are throwing out a lot of jokes until they find one that gets the reaction.It’s going to be good.” Since the Emmy-winning Comedy Central sketch series , which he co-wrote.

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